A few facts…

The cloud implementation team consists of:

  • Michael Chan
  • Chuck Geigner
  • Chris Kuehn
  • Mark Nye
  • Tony Rimovsky
  • Tracy Smith
  • Mary Stevens

AWS is not a web hosting service, it’s an infrastructure platform. It’s more like VMware than cPanel.  See https://aws.amazon.com/what-is-aws for more information.

There are researchers who are in peril of losing money because they couldn’t use AWS.  They have grants or contracts that specifically require it.  The current focus of the coordination team is to help those researchers.

We’ve only just started looking at the technical challenges of using AWS for production IT services.  Chris Kuehn is leading a small group to research best-practices, and figure out how to open AWS up to non-researchers.

If you have questions, please post them here, and we’ll address them as best we can.

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