AWS Containers Workshop

Update 2/7 1:35 pm:

I’ve launched a waitlist. If we have cancellations, I’ll contact waitlist participants to try and find a replacement.

You can register for the waitlist here.

Update 2/7 11:15 am:

Both workshops are full. Thank you for your interest! Based on the quick signups, I’m planning to repeat the workshops on March 21. We’ll run through these workshops first, but once we’ve had an opportunity to identify what worked well and where we might have opportunities to improve, I’ll plan out the details for March 21 and send out another announcement.

Original announcement:

Technology Services will be hosting a free full day AWS workshop on February 21 offering the first two sections of Amazon’s Interstella workshop series.

Part 1 (9:00 to noon) will walk you through the process of packaging a legacy LAMP application into a Docker container.

Part 2 (1:30 to 4:30) will migrate parts of that monolithic application into dedicated microservices, each of which independently auto-scales.

Both workshops will be held in L410 Digital Computer Lab.

I hope this will be interesting to developers, webmasters, and IT pros on campus. This sort of migration should allow us to improve service delivery and reduce the effort needed to operate compatible applications.

Please register here prior to the event. Participants will need to bring a laptop with a web browser and SSH client.