AWS Training Opportunities and EFS cost savings

This week’s most relevant AWS updates:

Architecting on AWS in Chicago

This is a three-day in-classroom course that will give you a jump start to building IT infrastructure on AWS in a performant and cost-effective way. Cost is $1,800.

We also have a few webinars coming up focused on higher education:

Going All In: Adtalem’s Cloud Migration Strategy

Adtalem (formerly DeVry) executed a bold strategy to migrate their entire on-premises infrastructure to AWS in less than two years. This free webinar will be presented on March 21st at 1:00 pm Central Time.

How Cornell university Uses the Cloud to Reimagine Course Delivery

This pre-recorded webinar is available to view any time. It describes how Cornell professors uses cloud-based application streaming to make computational resources easily available to students and how they were able to build on those tools to add interactivity to their lectures.

AWS Innovate: AI Edition

AWS Innovate is an online conference series, and the next event will feature three tracks of AI presentations. Registration is free, and the conference will take place from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm Central Time on March 5.

Finally, we have a service update that’s relevant to some of our campus use cases:

Amazon EFS Introduces Lower Cost Storage Class

Amazon’s Elastic File System is a hosted NFS solution that provides high availability and redundancy while maintaining compatibility with existing configurations. Because it replicates data across three different availability zones, it’s been one of the more expensive storage options. This week, Amazon introduced lifecycle management and an “Infrequent Access” (IA) storage tier to EFS. With lifecycle management configured, all files which haven’t been accessed in 30 days will automatically be moved to IA storage, dropping costs by as much as 85%.