AWS Webinar: AL/ML in Education 10/08

Join us on Thursday, October 8 at 10:00 AM central via AWS Chime to learn more about AWS AI/ML. This series of webinars is being presented by AWS for the University of Illinois, University of Michigan, and Notre Dame audiences.

This session will discuss how AI and machine learning can be used to improve student outcomes and enhance online learning. This includes applying AI/ML to learning content to make it more accessible and useful to more students by transcribing lectures, localizing content, extracting metadata, and enhancing search. We will cover virtual proctoring and online content moderation, as well as how AI/ML can improve engagement with conversational AI. Lastly, we will share examples of how education institutions can use machine learning to identify at risk students and improve retention.

You may also register for the future webinars in this series.

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